Extract from a 1899 Newspaper:

£50 Wood-Chopping Contest……

1st Prize, £20. 2nd Prize, £15. 3rd Prize, £10. 4th Prize, £5.

Heats will start on Tuesday morning, 4th April, 1899.

Final will be chopped for during Tuesday afternoon, 4th April, 1899.

Collins Axe Prize of £5.

"This sum will be presented to the winner, provided he used a Collins Axe in this contest, by M Moss and Co., Wynyard Lane, Sydney, Representatives of Collins and Co., of Hartford, Conn., USA., Manufacturers of the celebrated Collins Axes, Picks, etc.

Wood Choppers

  1. William James Ginn, Glen Innes. White.
  2. Harry Evans, Goulburn. Red.
  3. John Mackay, Murrayville. Blue.
  4. William J Howard, Gosford. Green.
  5. John McFarlane, Mort Dale. Yellow.
  6. Ernest Heckenberg, Liverpool. Pink.
  7. J A Jessep, Eastwood. White and Red.
  8. Stephen McFarlane, Mort Dale. White and Blue.
  9. Henry Green, Tongurra. White and Green.
  10. James F Cottrell, Ourimbah. White and Yellow.
  11. T Morris, Smithfield. White and Pink.
  12. Casper Heckenberg, Liverpool. White and Chocolate.
  13. Blot Braddon, Tasmania. Black.
  14. Joseph Fretus, Hustrville, Red and Blue.
  15. John King, Albion Park. Red and Green.
  16. William Heckenberg, Liverpool. Red and Yellow.
  17. D Spencer, Lenongatha. Red and Chocolate.
  18. Henry Bates, Bringelly. Red and Black.
  19. C W Cottrell, Ourimbah. Red and White.
  20. J W Heckenberg, Liverpool. Black and White.
  21. James Bond, Enfield. Black and Red.
  22. Henry Gain, Wyong. Black and Blue.
  23. Frank Jenkins, Kogarah. Black and Yellow.
  24. George Henry Howard, Erina. Black and Pink.
  25. J M MacKinolty, Gippsland. Chocolate.
  26. Arthur McFalande, Mort Dale. Orange.
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