General Observations

In 1917 18, another Australian, Les McIntosh, toured China, Malaya and Indo-China showing the natives what could be done with an axe.

He eventually returned home undefeated, only to go down to some of the locals.

During World War I, a number of wood-cutting contests were held in Paris. Soldiers from all Allied armies entered.

The Australians won practically every event, till it was hard to get contestants if an Australian lined up.

Australian wood-cutters gained such fame that when one German saw them giving exhibitions after the war, he decided to become a wood-cutter himself.

He was Wilhelm Hohenzollern, former Kaiser, who spent the rest of his life chipping away at blocks of wood in exile at Doorn, Holland.

During World War II, 22-years-old Pat Harrrington, of the Australian Forestry Unit, cut his way through heat after heat to win an international contest in Scotland.

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