Extract From The "Sun" 18/4/1938

Axemen At Show Must Not Bare Their Torsos

Shorts are banned in the woodchopping arena at the Show.

Axemen must wear long cream or white trousers, white shoes, and navy blue singlets.

Men, who bare their chests and their legs in the forests of the north and the west, must be clothed adequately when they come to the Show. Some axemen want to wear shorts, and others want to leave off their singlets but officials have said "No."

The axemen have been warned through the loud speaker system at the arena that no departure from the standard uniform will be allowed.

But two axemen have appeared in grey trousers.

A bright red singlet worn by T Donnelly, of New Zealand, in the second heat of the "Coo-ee" handicap today aroused official ire.

Donnelly was threatened with disqualification and told he must not offend again.

No wood-chopping records will be broken this year. The wood is too hard axemen say.

Les McIntosh and son Clive who are competing in the arena were allowed to go into a State forest near Wauchope to get the logs for this year’s Show events.

They were allowed to cut down trees only where thinning out was necessary, but they selected these trees well.

The 100 tons of blackbutt timber they sent to Sydney have slowed down the axemen’s times.

There have been many fast times, but no records.

Tasmania and New Zealand axemen, used to cutting soft woods, have had difficulties with the blackbutt timber.

Blackbutt is a hardwood but this years timber is extra hard wood the axemen say.

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